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The project partners

The project consortium involves 10 partners from 6 different european countries.
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The Square Dot team

The Square Dot team specialises in the policy fields of social inclusion, migration, entrepreneurship, VET and skills development. In this context, we aim to develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the following areas:
School support & curriculum design, Trainings and capacity building, Policy research, EU funding Advice,  Career coaching & Business Mentoring.

7th primary school of Alexandreia

7th Primary School of Alexandreia is a public school in a provincial town of northern Greece next to the legendary Mount Olympus and Vergina, founded in 2002. Our school is a community of learners including students, parents and staff who are dedicated to creating an academically rigorous, culturally caring and inclusive learning environment.
The administration and staff are committed to providing a challenging and supportive learning
environment where all students can succeed and reach their full potential. Every member participates in cycles of continuous learning and improvement that includes establishing high expectations, goal setting, planning, action and reflection.




Blenders profiles itself as an independent impact company. We connect dreams and ideas of entrepreneurs, organizations or other creative minds with the right knowledge, resources and experience. So that we can develop innovative products and services together. All this with the aim of contributing to a better living environment for everyone. So “innovation by all, for all”!

Danmar Computers

Danmar Computers LLC is a private company operating in the field of Information Technology and providing vocational training in this field. Danmar has extensive experience in developing modern Web and mobile applications that are used for educational purposes. Danmar also has long-term experience of carrying out European projects within which the company’s R&D staff conducts research and prepares trainings tailored to the needs of various learners.

De Cirkel

De Cirkel” is a Dutch primary school in Assen, a small city in the northern part of Holland. Education at the Circle is centered around instruction and (guided) practice. By doing so, children develop the skills they need for living in a society. This applies to math and language, but also for social skills and world studies. During our lessons, we use the Direct Instruction Model. We learn how to behave at school using the School Wide Positive Behavior Support approach.

Centro Studi Pluriversum

Centro Studi Pluriversum is an Italian private company, engaged in consulting and specialised in the field of career education and career counselling, which has been designing innovative models, providing services and managing local and national projects within the guidance and education systems for several Italian Regions and through European projects for more than 20 years. The staff of Pluriversum includes more than 200 career guidance practitioners and it has a specific expertise in the field of guidance provision, developing and managing innovative projects to support and improve the education system, Public Employment Services and career guidance services in several Italian Regions, including training and upgrading of the staff.

Skills Up

SkillsUp Training & Research Services was established aiming to provide access to education opportunities to a wide number of people, with a focus on people who belong to vulnerable groups (people who can’t afford education, with disabilities, in rural remote areas, etc.). In this way, SkillsUp responds to the current and growing needs of our society for learning, through alternative education programs and promotes equal opportunity in education. SkillsUp is committed to providing top quality education experiences, which help people improve both personally and professionally.


Stimmuli is a non-profit organisation envisioning to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society. To achieve its mission, the organisation designs and implements educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles.


SYNTHESIS is Cyprus’ leader in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. SYNTHESIS creates and implements research and educational projects of social impact (particularly in the fields of social inclusion, employment, entrepreneurship, migrant integration and sustainable development) and manages “Hub Nicosia,” a pioneering social innovation hub which houses and supports organizations, entrepreneurs and enterprises with social or environmental mission.