Interacted Project

Play to the game “INTERACTed”: a place where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur and your imagination becomes the key to a magical universe.

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The project


An Erasmus + Strategic Partnership to improve Interactive Digital Narratives in Primary Schools



The project will work to create a set of innovative resources with aim of supporting children affected by COVID-19 disruption


During the period of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, many schools found it hard to support their pupils in their study. Teachers have been challenged to provide playful and engaging learning. This situation has accentuated social inequalities and some children have fallen behind in learning.


We will work to

provide playful and engaging learning

develop student’s emotional intelligence and empathy

promote more inclusive schools

INTERACTed is a project that aims to support primary school educators towards integrating Interactive Digital Storytelling to develop their students’ socio-emotional intelligence and empathy. IDN refers to narrative in digital media that changes based on user input. INTERACTed’s aim is to employ emotion-driven interactive digital storytelling to support school teachers in learning to provide playful and engaging socio-emotional learning.

Our objectives are

to enhance

  • school-teachers’ digital capacity
  • the capacity of educators for the inclusive nature of digital learning experiences

to promote

  • students’ engagement with innovative digital tools
  • the potential of IDN to develop students’ emotional intelligence and empathy

Project results

1. Professional Development Programme

A professional development programme for educators wishing to embed interactive digital narratives in their currricula to foster students’ emotional intelligence and social empathy

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2. Learning Toolkit

A toolkit of resources designed to provide with pedagogical scenarios integrating interactive digital narratives in primary schools

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3. Online Game

Development of an interactive online game, based on design thinking methods


4. Reflections and Policy Recommendations Report

A booklet to provide recommendations for policies aimed at embedding Emotion-Driven Interactive Digital Narratives in primary school education